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High Speed Machining


The objective of this work is the study of the High Speed Machining, dealing with related concepts and recent developments in this area. A reference is made to the different aspects, which contribute for the effective application of this technology. The experimental component groups a set of tests with the goal of evaluate the capacity of using air turbine tools of high speed as a valid option in the complex geometry machining. The used material was an aluminium alloy, (7050) as a result of its crescent application in aeronautics, automobile and moulding industries. Process parameters are evaluated, such as speed and feed rate, observing roughness and dimensional accuracy of the obtained surfaces.



a) (Ra = 0,500 mm)                     b) (Ra = 0,743 mm)           c) (Ra = 0,943 mm)       


  d) Ra = 0,421 mm)               e) (Ra = 0,606 mm)                 f) (Ra = 0,660 mm)        

 Surface roughness; Vc = 750 m/min (a, b, c) ;  Vc = 170 m/min (d, e, f). 

Feed rate: a, d – 1600 mm/min; b, e – 2000 mm/min; c, f – 2400 mm/min.

(OM 20X)


Workpiece model (0,8X)


a) S40.000 F1600



b) S9.000 F1600




                                                    Contour strategy



 Radial strategy


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