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Laser Cladding


There are metallic components of industrial equipment that have high wearing surface. On account of their specification, sometimes, it is very difficult to replace them by new components. So, the solution is their recuperation.One of the employed methods is the use of Laser Cladding on wearing surfaces. This is a new method and it is little used but it has big technological potentialities. For this, it is important to develop the applied research on the method of Laser Cladding surfaces by the optimization of procedure parameters-the Power Laser Beam, Powder Blown and Relative Velocity of deposition-in order to optimize the cladding referring to shape (with, height, depth) steadiness (roughness, discontinuity) and resistance of wearing surfaces (hardness). The achieved results allow the choice of the right Laser Power, Powder Blower, relative Velocity deposition keeping in view the desired solutions. Finally, this cladding technology was used to repair three components: a tool, a shaft and a mixer blade.












Text Box: After Laser cladding

Text Box: After Laser cladding
After machining

Figure 1 - Examples of repair components


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